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Moving Tips & Hints – Part 1

Here is part one of the moving guide we give to help you and your employees prepare for an upcoming move.
  1. It should be the responsibility of each department or section head to have the staff follow these instructions in order to minimize loss of time in preparing for the move.
  2. Each employee should be responsible for his or her own preliminary packing for the move. To assist in this task, detailed instructions for packing and marking follow. Unless otherwise specified, packing and unpacking will be performed by your personnel.
  3. It is important that only personnel involved directly with the move be present during the course of the actual move.
  1. One-piece recyclable polystyrene crates and/or one-piece self-locking cardboard moving cartons will be available for packing. Be sure to receive training on the proper methods for packing and stacking crates or assembling the cardboard moving cartons. Each has advantages in specific situations but for ease of packing and speed of moving, the crates are the most desirable. Please see instructions below for further information regarding assembly and packing.
  2. All packing should be completed prior to the actual start of the move.
  • DESKS – It is necessary to empty desks. Paper clips, pencils and other loose items should be sealed in envelopes. Current working papers, letter trays, books and items on top of the desk should be packed in a carton. Protect all glass receptacles with paper or other material in the carton.
  • FILING CABINETS/UPRIGHT – These cabinets will generally be moved with contents intact. Tighten the internal draw to hold contents in place. Lock the cabinet if possible. If not possible, secure each drawer with filament tape. If locked, remove the key and pack in a safe place. Note: If the file has a punch-in lock and you do not have the key, wrap tape around the lock to avoid accidental locking.
  • FILING CABINETS/LATERAL – These cabinets cannot be moved with the contents intact. Pack all of the contents in cartons, and secure the drawers by locking or with tape as above.
  • BOOKCASES – All contents should be packed in cartons. After packing, remove the shelves and tape together. Remove the shelf pins and pack in an envelope.
  • SUPPLY OR STORAGE CABINETS – All contents should be packed in cartons. Lock/tape the cabinet doors.
  • COAT RACKS OR LOCKERS – Pack all contents, including hangers.
  • SMALLER OFFICE MACHINES, (scanners, printers, etc.) DO NOT PACK THESE MACHINES. Leave the machine on top of the desk or stand. Be sure the equipment has been serviced and all components disconnected. Small items, such as power cords should be packed in zip lock bags or cartons.
  • PICTURES, MAPS AND BULLETIN BOARDS – These items, if secured to the wall, should be removed. Tag each piece and leave against the wall. The mover will handle. Small pictures, etc., should be consolidated so as to fill a carton. Newspaper should be stuffed in empty spaces between the pictures.
  1. Certain types of equipment such as copiers or computer equipment require special servicing by the company trained personnel. These arrangements should be made directly with the vendor of each particular machine prior to the move date. Personal Computers should be backed-up and separate components should be disconnected prior to moving, by our move crew. Remove loose wires and pack in box.
  2. If special services requiring electricians, plumbers or machinists are needed to disconnect equipment, please notify your supervisor so that proper arrangements may be made. Internal servicing may be required and if not followed may void service warranties.
  3. Copying, printing or reproducing machines containing liquid or fluid must be drained.
  4. Computer Movers, Inc. cannot be held accountable for resultant damage if the above criteria are not met. LIVING OR ARTIFICIAL PLANTS – Computer Movers, Inc. can move but will not be responsible if the plant is damaged. Employees should arrange to handle these items.
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